Apple slice mirror for Dan at Dangler!

Apple slice mirror for Dan at Dangler!

A midweek overnight trip rewarded Dan with a stunning apple slice scaled mirror! In this blog we explore the quick session tactics which bagged Dan this cracker!


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Time is certainly of the essence on quick overnight fishing trips, but with the nights being longer in the summer, you can use that extra time to your advantage. I had a midweek session planned in on a local water, I had pre-tied some rigs and got everything in order to save time once I was on the bank. Food shop was already complete, so as soon as I finished my days work I jumped straight in a loaded car and made my way to my local lake. Having everything ready and prepared for these kind of quick sessions is essential, you want to make the most out of the time you have. Ideally you want to be watching the water and being pro-active when you are on the bank, not tying up rigs and setting up rods.

If it’s supposed to be warm, pack a surface rod and dog biscuits or maybe a couple of zig rigs just in case. Also check the weather forecast for the week, if you understand the lake and know where carp are going to be in the conditions you are fishing. You can save time by going straight to these locations and checking them first before you set up. (If the lake isn’t too busy).

I arrived at the lake just after 6pm, I checked the ends of the lake where I expected to find the carp. To my surprise they were not visible at all, no carp were cruising and the conditions were prime for it. I lapped the lake numerous times, still no sign of carp at all. So the next logical step was to set up where I thought they be held up, but I kept most of the gear on the barrow in case I saw any show just before dark. I cast a couple of rods out in the zone, on snowman rigs, I know the lake bed is relatively clean all around and the snowman rig is usually my preference in these scenarios.

I put about 15-20 baits over each rod and sat back and continued to watch the water. As time passed I still hadn’t seen any signs of carp, but as luck would have it just as I was getting some food on the go… one showed it’s self. Approximately 40 yards further than where my rigs were located, that was all I needed to see. Where there is one, there is often more, I wound one of the rods in and increased the wraps to fish at approximately 80 yards (20 Wraps). I clipped the rod up, I was confident that I could get the rig out at that range without it tangling. So I cast a critically balanced snowman rig with a 15mm white pop up trimmed down on top of an 18mm bottom bait and a piece of rig foam around the hook point for protection.

As I cast the rod out, another one showed around 15 yards to the left of the previous show. So I finished setting this rod up, lined up with a dip in the trees on the horizon. I then proceeded to wind my other rod in and clip this up at 20 wraps but instead I was lined up with a tree approximately 20 yards to the left of my current rod. I cast this out making sure I hit the clip before the rig landed in the water, this helps to kick the rig out away from lead when it lands. I now had both rods out at 80 yards, (where the two carp had showed) lined up with markers on the horizon. The two pieces of rig foam floated to the top and I throwing sticked some baits around the rods (approximately 30 baits). The rods were set and ready by 9pm.

I finished my food, and decided to have a listen out across the lake to see whether I could hear any carp topping out. This is a great time to figure where the carp are held up. In the silence of the night the carp can often give themselves away, by topping out of the water. I did manage to hear one or two more close to my spot before I fell asleep. I woke up at first light which was about 04:30, the bobbins were lifeless and to my surprise I hadn’t had a touch on either rods all through the night, not even any line bites!

I sat and watched the water for a little while longer, I saw no more signs of carp and I assumed they must have moved off the spot during the night. I went back to sleep assuming a blank was on the cards, until I was woken up to a screaming take on the right hand rod. It was around 06:00am, the right hand rod had gone into meltdown. I ran out from under the brolly and struck into the rod, the carp was still taking line when I hit it (It was one of those ones!) After an epic battle the carp eventually ended up in some weed, after this it was case of applying pressure and getting the carp out of the weed. This didn’t prove too difficult and I managed to get the carp safely in the landing net!

I looked down in the net and shouted to my friend, “This one is a cracker!” I asked my friend to help me get the camera ready and we got her to the unhooking mat, she weighed just over 20lbs, but what a stunning carp she was! Massive apple slice scales along the flank, the hook hold from the snowman rig was bang in the middle of the bottom lip, perfect. We got some great pictures and slipped her back, just in the nick of time I suppose! I had to leave the lake at 08:00am, I re-cast the rod for the last hour or so and reflected on the capture! I had no further luck but I was elated with this special capture, and what a perfect way to finish my overnight trip!

Some overnight Dangler tips!

  • Utilise your time wisely!
  • Prepare for the trip (Save time on the bank)
  • Be mobile!
  • Be ready to move!
  • Check the weather conditions the week before!
  • Be ready to adapt to the conditions!
  • Try your very best to locate the carp!

Until next time.


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