When your lucks in…

After my recent time on the big Res, I fancied a change of environment, somewhere more intricate, small and personal. I started looking around at some waters which were local and had a stock that wetted my appetite, I was recommended a venue from a close friend of mine who had caught a few fish well over the 30lb mark last year. His words were “You’ve worked hard and countless hours on the Res for a few 20’s, which is an achievement! But imagine if you were putting that effort in on a smaller water with a better stock…” This resonated with me massively, If I could put my watercraft and effort into this water I stood in good stead of catching a 30 or maybe even the queen of the pond potentially at 40+!

I had visited the venue a few times the previous summer and before the lockdown to visit my friend who was putting in quite a bit of time on the lake. He had some amazing captures, you can read his story of the captures in this blog here: https://community.dangler.co.uk/community/dangler-news/the-club-lake-campaign/

I had a rough idea as to how to approach the lake, but I still had plenty to figure out! The lake Is small, very weedy and has plenty of features; gravel bars, silty deep spots, pads, reeds, it has it all! To begin with I was fishing the lake in between sessions on another venue, so it really wasn’t getting my full attention, I certainly wasn’t in tune with the water! After struggling to get a swim on the other water numerous times, I decided to start taking this smaller water a little more seriously!


Daniel Hughes