Dangler has hit new milestones!

With the current situation of Covid 19 and lockdown us anglers could no longer get out on the bank and do the sport which we love. This didn’t look great for Dangler, trying to launch a new angler’s marketplace in this economic climate was far from ideal! But we continued delivering some great content which we thought our audience could benefit from and we carried on spreading the word about Dangler.


Daniel Hughes


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10,000 Website visitors!

So whilst development of the website and App has continued, we have been doing our very best to keep everyone updated with the progression of Dangler and also trying to provide some useful angling content as well. We have been releasing blogs over the past couple of months and continued to keep everyone updated across our social media platforms, whilst traffic was very slow during the beginning of lockdown it has certainly paid off!

Last month we finally exceeded our monthly target of 10,000 visitors to the Dangler website, with angling now being allowed under social distancing rules our efforts have been rewarded and the content we have been providing has certainly generated massive interest in