During the Dangler launch, whilst actually fishing, I can remember one of my brothers informing me there was an email in one of our inboxes asking if I wanted to fish in the sport stars charity event in a couple weeks time. My ears instantly pricked up, and after reading the email, there was no way I was going to say no to this. A fishing match filled with sporting celebrities and stars? Who could say no to that.


Harry Hughes


Match & Coarse



After a couple of phone calls with the event organisers, the excitement continued to build, and so did the preparations. The event was a match at Tunnel Barn Farm fisheries in Warwickshire (http://www.tunnelbarnfarm.co.uk/), which contains a number of lakes all stocked to provide a great days fishing. With it being a match, mostly made up of small fish, this was a new type of fishing for me, and one that I hadn’t done since being a young kid. I began preparing by setting up, a quivertip and purchasing a whole host of method feeder tackle from Guru, along with a mix of method mix and pellet mix from Smart Baits via Dangler (https://www.dangler.co.uk/store/smartbaits).

Along with my method feeder setup, I also decided to setup a waggler rod too. Finding an old John Wilson float rod in my shed, I re-spooled both of my reels with some Drag line from Guru, (10lb with the method, and 8lb for the float). I had a number of floats prepared and enough shots, all I needed was some size 10 & 12 hooks from Guru, and I was all sorted. On my way down to the match I also picked up 2 pints of red and white maggots for the float rod. As I chatted with my brother before I left, he reminded me that having as many options is key when fishing, so try to have as much prepared as possible, which is exactly what I had done in preparation for the match. As i