Summer overnight success for Dangler’s Dan! With this stunning linear landed from a Suffolk syndicate, in this article we will explore the tactics, bait and general angling which landed Dan this stunning carp!


Daniel Hughes


Dangler News



I had this session planned in from the start of the week and after a busy days working, the ‘will I get a swim’ nerves gradually kicked in as I got changed and ready for my overnight trip on my local syndicate water. The car was already pre-loaded, gear, bait and food all ready to go! I hopped in the car praying for the traffic to be good on the A roads, thankfully the carp gods were watching out for me and the roads were clear… ‘Off to a good start!’ I arrived at the syndicate and to my surprise the car park was reasonably empty which was unusual for this time of year, I wasted no time in getting the car unloaded and the fishing gear on the barrow. I wheeled my barrow into a swim which I already had a feeling the carp may be