Summer Stunner for Dangler’s Dan!

Summer Stunner for Dangler’s Dan!

Summer overnight success for Dangler’s Dan! With this stunning linear landed from a Suffolk syndicate, in this article we will explore the tactics, bait and general angling which landed Dan this stunning carp!


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I had this session planned in from the start of the week and after a busy days working, the ‘will I get a swim’ nerves gradually kicked in as I got changed and ready for my overnight trip on my local syndicate water. The car was already pre-loaded, gear, bait and food all ready to go! I hopped in the car praying for the traffic to be good on the A roads, thankfully the carp gods were watching out for me and the roads were clear… ‘Off to a good start!’ I arrived at the syndicate and to my surprise the car park was reasonably empty which was unusual for this time of year, I wasted no time in getting the car unloaded and the fishing gear on the barrow. I wheeled my barrow into a swim which I already had a feeling the carp may be in front of, I left the barrow in the swim and proceeded to do a few laps of the lake with the trusty Polaroids!

Lapping the lake is such an important part of my angling, checking what swims are free, where other anglers are located and most importantly where the carp are! A couple of anglers were located on the other side of the lake to where I had left my barrow, with the weather being warm I checked the shallows and the bays. I noticed a few carp located under the surface in the out of bounds area but that was all I managed to see. With time not being on my side, I made a decision to fish the original chosen swim. I had previously had a few carp out of that swim in not to dissimilar conditions, my hope was that once the water cooled down in the night the carp would move out over the area I was in and hopefully I would pick one up!

To paint a picture of the swim I was in, it has two islands about 90-100yrds out which is the obvious feature to fish to. So one rod was clipped up against the island in front and the second rod was on a very different feature. About 30yrds out in the swim, there is a nice gravel plateau which shallows up from 8-9ft up to 5-6ft, This is a small but obvious feature for a summer spot. The bottom on the long rod against the island was relatively choddy so I opted for the trusty ‘hinge stiff rig’ I have great confidence in this rig and how it presents itself on a choddy lake bed, with a small 15mm white pop up sitting over the chod. The rig of choice on the 30yard gravel plateau was a bog standard bottom bait rig, a semi stiff hook link, with half an inch stripped back before the hook to provide some flexibility. I hair rigged a 15mm bottom bait, the same as the free offerings and fished it on the lake bed (not popped up). The reason for this was due to the fact I knew the gravel bottom was clean and the carp wouldn’t be sifting through silt and chod, I should be able to get a clear presentation on gravel with a standard bottom bait rig.

With the rods clipped up and rigs baited, I put a bit of rig foam on each rod and cast them to the two spots. I was only really fishing for a bite on the overnighter, so I didn’t go in heavy with bait. I put around 30 baits over each rod, one at catapult range and one at throwing stick range. The scattered boilie approach has always worked well when fishing for a bite, get the carp confidently picking up the individual boilies around the spot and hopefully they will nail your individual hook bait. With the traps set, I got some food on the bbq and settled in for the night. I slept sound through the night which is good from a sleeping perspective but not so good from the fishing perspective! I put the kettle on at 5:45am, I had a cup of coffee and listened to the wonderful sounds which nature provides us only to be interrupted by a screaming steve neville bite alarm!

I looked and the right hand rod which was the ‘gravel plateau spot’ was going into meltdown, I slipped my shoes on and hit the rod! A soon as I made contact, the fish was tearing off across the lake, I knew I was in for a good scrap. With the heart beat starting to slow down once I had a gained some line back and got her under control, I saw a lovely coloured mirror roll near some weed close to where I had the take from. The heart rate immediately went up again! The atmosphere was amazing, the birds singing, the sun burning through the trees and the sound of the clutch ticking as I battled with this amazing carp. As I got her closer to net I could tell exactly what carp this was, one of the two 30lb linears which are very sought after carp on the syndicate.

I got her in the net and confirmed with myself “Yep that’s one of the 30lb linears”. I got the carp in a retainer and headed over to my brothers swim , I told him what I had in the retainer and he came over to help for the photos.

We got the unhooking mat, weigh sling, water bucket and camera all at the ready. I lifted her out and got her on the mat, she ticked the scales round to 32lb 10z, what an absolute stunner! I was in awe of the linear’s incredible colours, the weight really didn’t matter but it made it all the more special. We made sure to get some good shots of her and cherished the moment. After a few good photos we slipped her back, and watched her swim off through the clear water. What an awesome overnight session, an incredible evening on the lake and a take at dawn… ideal! I hope you have enjoyed my ‘quick overnight story’ we have plenty more of these to come!

Until next time.


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