Coarse fishing with prawns

Coarse fishing with prawns

                    Are prawns good fishing bait?

Yes, prawns can be a fantastic fishing bait when fished correctly! Frozen prawns straight off the supermarket shelf can catch you plenty of different species of fish. When you take frozen prawns fishing, be sure to try and keep them cold and fresh, if you have a cool bucket or ice packs keep the prawns close to them.


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The prawns naturally give off a fishy aroma which the fish love, but you can boost the prawns yourself with some additives. If you add some rock salt and either some garlic powder or green lipped mussel powder this will actually firm the soft prawns up and make them a bit more sturdy on the hook. Not only does this make them an easier bait to hook, they are also boosted in attraction which can be a great edge on lakes where the fish are used to seeing the same hookbaits!

Natural baits are always a safe bet, especially meaty naturals such as prawns, mussels, worms, maggots etc. These are not man made and most species absolutely love them, but if you don’t want to break the bank and you want to do a supermarket shop shop, then prawns are certainly a no brainer to grab straight out of the frozen isle!

What fish can you catch with prawns?

Prawns will attract all kinds of species, they are known to be a great bait for carp. They are also very effective for Perch fishing in the winter. Bream will also feed on prawns. It is worth trialling prawns out, you could do some river fishing with them and see what you manage to catch, Perch would be the obvious but you may also catch chub, carp or bream. The same applies with fishing a freshwater lake, it is worth trialling out the prawns to see which species you manage to catch, but the carp, perch and bream will certainly be on the cards.

  • Carp
  • Perch
  • Bream
  • Chub
  • Eel
  • Pike

And what ever else takes a liking to the trusty prawn!

How do you fish with prawns?

You can simply take the frozen prawn out of the pack and fish them whole, they can be hooked directly on to the hook. If you don’t want to fish them on the hook, you can hair rig the prawn on a hair. When fishing with the prawn directly on the hook, you need to hook them as firm as possible as they tend to be quite a soft bait. The best way to do this is to thread the body of the prawn around the shank of the hook and leave the point of the hook exposed.

It is also worth putting out some free offerings, you don’t want to throw a whole bag of frozen prawns into the lake. You want to bait up your spot with something smaller to get the target species feeding, a good bait to do this with would be something like trout pellets (2-4mm) in size. These are great to put out as free offerings and will get the fish feeding confidently before you put your prawn hook bait on the spot.

With prawns being a larger bait, it wouldn’t be the best of idea’s to bait the swim with a kilo of prawns, you could throw maybe one or two in which could allow the fish to familiarise themselves with the bait. But you want to get them confidently feeding on the bottom first!

Do carp eat prawns?

Yes carp do eat prawns, some very large carp have been caught on frozen prawns for years across the UK. Carp are known to like fishmeal baits, so it is no shock that carp will feed on prawns. They are also known to eat small fry (new born fish) in freshwater lakes, they will eat mussels and other meaty naturals.

You can also fish with mussel’s, again you can buy these frozen and either cut them up or use them whole. But these can also be a great carp bait, mussel extracts and other parts of the mussel have been used as boilie ingredients over the years which is testament to carp taking such a liking to them. Carp will actually crunch up the mussels with their teeth which sit right near the back of their throat so they can get to the soft contents inside.

It is also worth noting that carp will naturally feed on what the lake provides them, naturals such as blood worms from blood worm beds, mussels from mussel beds, water snails in the weed etc. The list goes on, so using a bait like a prawn can actually be a big edge when fishing for carp which are pressured or used to being fished for with the likes of boilies and other man made baits.


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