Do you need a float for sea fishing?

You don’t need a float to be able to go sea fishing, you can employ numerous tactics when sea fishing from the shore or out on a boat. You can ledger fish, fly fish, lure fish and float fish from either the shore or from a boat. The tactic which you use will generally depend on the specie of fish which you are fishing for and the location in which you are fishing for them. Some conditions would be more appropriate for ledger fishing over float fishing for example, a specie like mackerel which could be fished for in middle layers of the water could be better approached with a float set up.

If you are a beginner to sea fishing and you would like to have a go at some close in fishing in a harbour, from a pier or close to rocky areas then float fishing can be a great way to start. You don’t have to fish at great distances, the float fishing rigs are very easy to set up and the visual aspect of watching the float for bites can also be extremely fun! Of course you need the right conditions and the species in the area which you are fishing, it wouldn’t be wise to go to a beach and simply cast a float rig into the surf, you need to know the area which you are fishing and the species which you are hoping to catch!


Daniel Hughes