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Companies selling on Dangler

  • CustomCarpCords– Are selling top quality cords and accessories for all your carpy needs!
  • Rigworx Carp tackle– “Top quality end tackle at affordable prices without compromise on quality and reliability. Suitable for all levels of carp angler, we are delighted to be working with Dangler”
  • Franks Leads– Have an array of leads you will not want to miss.
  • Alien Carp– Are keen to move forward with technology and sell their products through Dangler.
  • DT Baits– Are selling top quality carp bait on Dangler.
  • Monster Particles– Are listing particles on their Dangler store.
  • SAS Baits– Are selling top of the range bait through Dangler.
  • Team Craft Tackle– Are selling some great end tackle through Dangler.
  • Carbon Baits– Are selling an array of baits through Dangler and are excited to be selling on the new platform!
  • GOWI Baitboats– Specialises in the provision of high quality reasonably priced boats designed for use on large or small inland waters. The flagship OSPREY boat comes with a single colour handset with integrated GPS a SONAR capabilities.
  • Skylight Lures– Offer a wide range of custom hand made lures to suit your desired style of fishing.
  • The Keen Angler– Is selling different branded end tackle and great prices!
  • Smart Baits– Are supplying great carp bait at affordable prices on Dangler.

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